Rising Star Award for "We Weren't Given Anything for Free" in Canada

Rising Star Award certificate for "We Weren't Given Anything for Free"

We Weren't Given Anything for Free is one of the Rising Star Award Winners in the Student Film Competition category at the Canada International Film Festival Vancouver 2014. Thank you very very much! I am very honored and very happy about this! 

However, it won't be screened: these Awards are meant to decorate movies which did not make it amongst the small numberof 21 movies of which the official selection consists. The festival wrote to me "Although your film was not chosen to be screened publicly, our judges felt that your film was among the very best of the several hundreds of films submitted from over 30 countries around the world and deserving of special recognition." So I am very happy about this kind of honoration, even if being screened and being awarded is vice versa this time...