The Angel of History

There has never been a document of culture, which is not simultaneously one of barbarism.


A border in Europe. A painting by Paul Klee. A poem by Walter Benjamin. A film about borders, escape and migration. About yesterday and today, and how difficult it is to recognize one behind the other.


Idea & Direction: Eric Esser
Cinematography: Michael Zimmer
Editing & co-author: Evelyn Rack
Sound editiing & mixing: Ludwig Müller
Music: Matija Strniša
Sound recording: Billie Jagodzinska
Color correction: Sally Shamas
Postproduction: Colja Krugmann
Translation: Jessica Ring
Poster design: Sandra Dollo
Production: Eric Esser

Logo of "The Angel of History"
Date Screened at City
06.05.21 ethnocineca – International Documentary Film Festival Vienna 2021 (Festival) Vienna, Austria
24.04.21 Festival Política 2021 (Festival) Lisbon, Portugal
07.04.21 RapidLion - The South African International Film Festival (Festival) Johannesburg, South Africa
11.03.21 IV. Festival Internacional de Cine La Picasa (Festival) Argentinien, Argentina
04.12.20 Near Nazareth Festival 2020 (Festival) Afula, Israel
29.11.20 >HOME/GUEST< (öffentliche Aufführung) Berlin, Germany
29.11.20 Crossing The Screen (Festival) Eastbourne, United Kingdom
23.11.20 6th Moscow Jewish Film Festival (Onlinefestival) Moscow, Russia
20.11.20 Kurzfilmtage im Pädagogisch Theologischen Institut (Festival) Bonn, Germany
18.11.20 blicke 28 – filmfestival des ruhrgebiets (Festival) Bochum, Germany
16.11.20 18th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival (Festival) Warsaw, Poland
06.11.20 Girona Film Festival (Festival) Girona, Spain
05.11.20 Tage der jüdischen Kutlur und Geschichte Magdeburg 2020 (Festival) Magdeburg, Germany
31.10.20 Kraljevski Filmski Festival (Festival) Kraljevo, Serbia
31.10.20 Indie Doc Pro (Festival) Barcelona, Spain
29.10.20 3rd Refugees Film Festival (Festival) Berlin, Germany
26.10.20 6th BangkokThai International Film Festival (Festival) Bangkok, Thailand
25.10.20 20. Independent Days (Festival) Karlsruhe, Germany
25.10.20 Curtas, Festival do Imaxinario 2020 (Festival) Vilagarcía de Arousa, Spain
25.10.20 Little México Film Festival (Festival) Chicago, United States
24.10.20 16th International Short Film Festival Detmold (Festival) Detmold, Germany
23.10.20 35. Unabhängiges Filmfest Osnabrück (Festival) Osnabrück, Germany
18.10.20 9th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival (Festival) Neu-Delhi, India
17.10.20 35. Black International Cinema Berlin (Festival) Berlin, Germany
16.10.20 35. Black International Cinema Berlin (Festival) Berlin, Germany
04.10.20 Apox Film Festival (Festival) Mali Lošinj, Croatia
01.10.20 Rencontres Cinématographiques Cerbère (Festival) Cerbère, France
29.09.20 9. Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival (Festival) Sesimbra, Portugal
27.09.20 5° Walter Benjamin Summer School "Frontera de la Memòria" (öffentliche Aufführung) Portbou, Spain
25.09.20 Festival of Nations (Festival) Lenzing, Austria
24.09.20 2020 Great Lakes International Film Festival (Onlinefestival) Erie, United States
19.09.20 18. Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht (Festival) Berlin, Germany
13.09.20 32. Filmfest Dresden (Festival) Dresden, Germany
10.09.20 32. Filmfest Dresden (Festival) Dresden, Germany
06.09.20 Sole Luna Sguardi doc Treviso (Festival) Treviso, Italy
06.09.20 Portobello Film Festival (Festival) London, United Kingdom
30.08.20 Kunstgriff Rolle (Festival) Heide, Germany
30.08.20 Reale Film Festival (Festival) Milan, Italy
29.08.20 2. The Best Film Festival (Festival) Spanien, Spain
28.08.20 Odense International Film Festival (Festival) Odense, Denmark
25.08.20 Film in Focus International Film Festival (Festival) Bucharest, Romania
21.08.20 22nd Encounters South African International Documentary Festival (Festival) Cape Town, South Africa
19.08.20 6ª Tlacnhana Festival de Cine y Arte Digital (Festival) Valle de Bravo, Mexico
14.08.20 44. Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt (Festival) Weiterstadt, Germany
09.08.20 21st Lucania Film Festival (Festival) Marconia, Italy
07.08.20 15. Festival Internacional de Cine Universitario Kinoki (Festival) Mexico City, Mexico
19.07.20 9th Kolkata Short International Film Festival (Festival) Kolkata, India
08.07.20 15th Sole Luna Documentary Film Festival (Festival) Palermo, Italy
25.05.20 Indy Film Awards - Student Short Showcase 2020 (Festival) Amsterdam, Netherlands
21.05.20 4° Southern Cone International Film Festival (Festival) Valparaiso, Chile
15.03.20 International Short Film Week (Festival) Regensburg, Germany
14.03.20 Short Movie Club Film Festival (Festival) Minsk, Belarus
12.03.20 International Short Film Week (Festival) Regensburg, Germany
07.03.20 Watersprite International Student Film Festival (Festival) Cambridge, United Kingdom
29.02.20 kontrast 2020 (Festival) Bayreuth, Germany
09.02.20 Laurus Film Festival (Festival) Comrat, Moldova
07.02.20 Laurus Film Festival (Festival) Karaganda, Kazakhstan
05.02.20 Matinée Allemande @ Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand (geschlossene Veranstaltung) Clermont-Ferrand, France
03.02.20 Laurus Film Festival (Festival) Vitebsk, Belarus
07.12.19 ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival (Festival) Berlin, Germany
28.11.19 XIII L’Aquila Film Festival (Festival) L'Aquila, Italy
21.11.19 9º Festival Internacional de Cinema em Balneário Camboriú (Festival) Balneário Camboriú, Brazil
21.11.19 19. Flensburger Kurzfilmtage (Festival) Flensburg, Germany
04.11.19 18. FilmZ Mainz (Festival) Mayence, Germany
09.10.19 Festival international Signes de Nuit (Festival) Paris, France