Laurel of 32th Dresden International Short Film Festival

The Angel of History will be shown at Dresden International Short Film Festival, as part of focus: Afterimages – Traces of Trauma 5: It Is the Soul of an Alien on Earth. The selection committee was so convinced by the documentary film that they decided to program it in this special series at Filmfest Dresden, which is actually limited to fiction and animation. This is the first screening of a film of mine at one of the relevant festivals of the German Federal Film Board (FFA). Due to the special series, this unfortunately does not count for film funding - but I'm happy about the screening anyways. 😊

The Filmfest Dresden was supposed to take place at the end of April, but then the pandemic intervened. It is nice that there is now this catch-up date and the film can be shown on September 10th at 18:00 and on September 13th at 22:30. On September 10th I will also be there and talk about the film. 

Logo der Indy Film Library

The Indy Film Library in Amsterdam reviewed The Angel of History and gave it four out of five stars. I like the review very much, even though it unfortunately doesn't mention the music of Matija Strniša:

What I liked best: "To make a short documentary film that manages to praise Europe for opening its borders inwards and at the same time calls on it to open up more in future to those beyond its borders is a seemingly impossible balancing act, but one that the angel of history performs with sovereignty. Eric Esser and his team have condensed a subject that many would have difficulty making a coherent film in 90 minutes into 11 minutes."

Yay! Besides, I think it's the first time anyone ever compared me to Werner Herzog. 😳


German Short Films Catalogue 2020

The German Short Film Association has included The Angel of History in its 2020 catalogue. The annually published short film catalogue German Short Films presents a selection of "100 outstanding current German short films".

18 of these 100 films were selected for the German market screening at the world's largest short film festival in Clermont-Ferrand. 15 of them ended up on the promotional DVD, which is pressed in 4-digit print runs and distributed internationally. Our short film was there both times. We are very happy and feel very honoured.

Logo of MakeShifMovies

After some time offline, this website is here again. Annoyingly, it was hacked to mine Bitcoins - by people who I assume are only half nice. So I had to take the site offline to do some troubleshooting and reinstall the server completely... 😕 ...but better safe than sorry.

Now the bugs are fixed and the website is finally back online - only with encrypted connection. And even a bit faster than before. 🙂

"14. achtung berlin – new berlin film award"-Logo

Rotation, my graduation documentary at Filmarche film school, will have its world premiere at the 14. achtung berlin – new berlin film award on April 17th, 2018 at 7pm in the Berlin cinema Filmtheater am Friedrichshain. A second screening will be shown the next day, on April 18th at 6pm at the splendid Tilsiter Lichtspiele, Berlin’s oldest film house.

Rotation is a 71 minute documentary about the rotation of rooms among inhabitants of the former squat and current housing Project K9 in Berlin’s district of Friedrichshain. It follows the inhabitants in their process of collectively shifting from one living quarter to another within the house. Rotation is screened in the section Berlin Documents, which showcases productions which "are silhouetted clearly against the mainstream and stand out formally through bearing their own signature, take a very personal perspective or deal with a particular controversial topic."

I am very happy and thank every one who helped making this happen! Yay!!