Family Love

My Grandpa, Nazism and Me


Inquiries about the film are welcome via the contact form or directly to Cristina Marx (Film University Babelsberg)


An inherited family treasure trove of photos and film footage show the director's grandfather in southern Germany in the 1940s. In one clip, the grandfather is briefly seen at a funfair wearing a swastika on his jacket. How is our perception of a loved one changed through a symbol that stands for murder by the millions? How can photos and film footage, memories and archival material, be pieced together to form a coherent picture? A struggle for memory - and a search whose persistence ultimately ruffles some feathers in the family.


author & director: Eric Esser
co-author: Evelyn Rack
DoP: Julia Geiß, Florian Baumgarten
additional cinematography: Christian Möller
sound: Hannes Richter, Billie Jagodzinska
production manager: Simon Stein
producer: Eric Esser, Simon Stein
development producer: Isabell Wackers
sound design: Ludwig Peter Müller
editing: Evelyn Rack
additional editing: Barbara Ophoff
color grading: Colja Krugmann
title design & retouching: Sandra Dollo, sansculotte
dramaturgical counseling: Katti Jisuk Seo, Sarah Paar, Gruscha Rode
historical consultancy : Gunnar Meyer, Anke Hoffstadt
production supervisor: Uli Kunz, Andreas Schellenberg
mastering: Enrico Matthias
line producer: Andrea Wohlfeil
assistant to the line producer: Nicole Fiedler
mentoring professor: Angelina Maccarone       
commissioning editor rbb: Rolf Bergmann
funding: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Veronika Grob

Blick in Archiv ohne Menschen
Person von hinten in Archiv
Schwarzweiß-Bild mit Person aus den 40er-Jahren
Blick mit Aussicht aus einem Fenster
Person sitzend von vorne in Archiv
Drei leere Stühle vor Tisch mit Brezeln