Logo of the Long Night of The Political Short

Chaja and Mimi was decorated on October 23rd during the Lange Nacht des politischen Kurzfilms (Long Night of the Political Short) of the central office for political education in the German state of Rheinland-Pfalz. The audience in the cinema CinéMayence voted the movie on the 3rd place. Yippie!


The Anne Frank Center uses Chaja & Mimi since 2011 within the project  »Nicht in die Schultüte gelegt …« ("Not placed in your first day of school bag"), a learning material, which is based on childhood memories and historical pictures from the 1930ies from Jews (formerly) based in Berlin and in whichs course "Chaja and Mimi" is utilized at times.

On October 22nd the Anne Frank Center will present the project and its learning materials, in the New Synagogue Berlin - Centrum Judaicum Foundation, Oranienburger Straße 28, between 16:00 and 18:00. Please apply on the website of the Anne Frank Center.

Poster of the Jewish Filmfestival Bucharest 2013

Ok, that was completely giving it away in the headline. The only thing to add is that it is the Jewish Filmfestival Bucharest, and the movie's in the competition, yippie! The people organizing the festival seem outmost nicely, and I am very curious about the festival and about the city. Screening is Sunday, October 20th, 5pm. On their Facebook site they wrote "Duminică, 20 octombrie, regizorul german Eric Esser (înscris în competiţie cu filmul documentar Chaja & Mimi), va avea o scurtă intervenţie." I wonder, what that means.

Any advice regarding a nice coffeeshop?

Award plates of the "I Corti sul lettino" festivals in Naples (Photography: Eric Esser, please note the ready-made vanitas in the background)

Looks like my film career is up shit creek with an outboard engine: this morning I found two award plates in my mailbox for my fecal poetry movie November double winning at the I corti sul lettino festival in Naples. Miglior Corto ('Best short') und Miglior Corto straniero (not quite sure what that means - either 'Best foreign short' or 'Best strange short'). Thanks to Mirna Campanella for the Italian transaltion!

Maybe stepping in dog poop does bring luck after all? Or is this just another one of my strange views of life?

Evelyn Rack, responsible for the final cut of "Chaja & Mimi" and best editor of the world recieving the award (Photography: Jeannette-Maria Giza)

Never thought one day I would write a sentence like this, but: Unfortunately I was in holiday. However, my filmschool obviously manages to celebrate quite good without me. During the 10th anniversary celebration gala of my filmschool Filmarche one of the 11 trophys called "Noah" was awarded to my second years movie Chaja & Mimi, as the one in the category "Documentary short". I am very happy the laudatio was held by my teacher and mentor Gruscha Rode and my film schools studies advisor Mireia Guzman Sanjaume.

Evelyn Rack, former editing class of 2006 and in this project involved with the final cut was so kind to recieve the award. Pitty I couldn't be there - the subsequent party was reported to be literally intoxicating. I don't know how, but they even managed to conjure a mobile sauna in the schools yard...