The official seal of the German Film Quality Assessment Board FBW

The German Film Quality Assessment Board FBW has awarded "Chaja & Mimi" the Seal of Approval "highly recommended" which turns me into a happy person and the movie info a "Short of the Month". Finally some kind of officially authorised recognition. It is a great thing that the German state provides such an institution.

I am wondering why there isn't more of it. For example a German Kitchen Qualitiy Assessment Board. I guess I'd recieve a "higly well equipped", at least since I got this monstrous
chocolate fountain for simultaneous white and dark chocolate.

What if there would be a German Personality Qualitiy Assessment Board? Maybe I'd get an "highly quick to take offense"? Whatever it might be, the main thing is: being special.

It's only happy faces at the award ceremony of the first Walter Benjamin Short Film Competition Portbou (Photography: Joan Gubert)

Who says it's not worth to do a complete rework and publish an international version of a movie? Chaja & Mimi has made 2nd place at the Walter Benjamin Short Film Competition in Portbou (by the way on the subject "Border"). In the end I went there.

Chantal Akerman unfortunately couldn't attend the festival, but the town of Portbou is really nice: besides the decent festival organized by lovely people there is a beach and mountains right next to it, which I consider a perfect match. This is a reason to come back, and 2nd place is an actual qualification for the Girona Film Festival in autumn. That could be also an occasion to finally read some Walter Benjamin...