Dawn of the Dorks

They are everywhere. They puke all over. And they are contagious...


After eating tainted meat, mild mannered college students undergoe a terrifying mutation. They suddenly sprout mustaches, beer bellies and football scarves, and begin to relentlessly chant football songs. The football zombies spread their curse by vomiting on unsuspecting innocents.

A small group of still-healthy students, brought together by coincidence, finds shelter in an empty sports club. They must now figure out how they can escape the mindless, chanting hordes. Their solutions are as different as their personalities.

Francine: Franziska Dick
Kurt: Oliver Dresselhaus
Jojo: Chris Vlug
Monique: Carolina Emilia Galletti  
Hauke: David Bredin        
Frau mit Würstchen: Françoise Cactus
November 26,